Project Description

Note from the designer:
My good friend Andy Rajapakse who is a well known deeply embedded man in the world of Rotary, has become a longstanding client who never fails to bring an interesting fun project to the table. Whether it be black tie dinner event invitations, banners and collateral or flyers, brochures, signage and even small odd jobs, they’re always a pleasure to work on. The enjoyable part of working with Rotary is having to ensure that brand guidelines are absolutely adhered to, and always having a printed hard copy of the Rotary brand book on standby ready to absorb what is needed for the next project and applying their worldwide brand assets and styling to each new design, ensuring its seamless integration into the world of Rotary and it’s brand. Not to mention, Rotary stand for some of the worlds greatest and largest causes, allowing me to feel as though I am part of something much, much bigger. If you’re reading this, thanks Andy! Looking forward to our next project together.