A-Frame w/ Quick Swap Corflute Inserts

A-Frame w/ Quick Swap Corflute Inserts


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Quickly update your a-frame with completely different signage! Simply slide out your corflute sign insert from the top and start displaying your latest sales and promos in literally SECONDS. Best of all, the corflute inserts are water proof and easy to clean.

  • Australias favourite modern and cost efficient A-Frames
  • Quick swap corflute inserts – change up your promotions!
  • 2 corflute sign inserts FREE w/ your a-frame sign
  • Easy to transport at only 4.5KG in total weight!
  • Sign Insert Dimensions: 600mm wide x 900mm tall
  • Metal frame finished in Gloss for a clean look
  • *NEW* Available in Gloss Black – now at no extra cost!

A-Frame Signs Online Australia Wide from Design 2 Print Australia



The most sought after A-Frames online Australia wide, and here’s why:

Our A-Frames are constructed of a solid metal foundation with vertical tracks efficient for placement of your interchangeable corflute sign inserts, savings you time and money down the track when you need new visuals, simply purchase new corflute inserts (600mm x 900mm dimensions) and swap them into your A-Frame rather than purchasing an entire new a-frame (inserts available to purchase separately, just ask us!). It is this quick swap corflute insert system that sets our A-Frames apart from the rest, making our A-Frames Australia’s favourite. You won’t find a better Design & Print company for A-Frames online Australia Wide.

What are Design 2 Print Australia’s a-frame signs best for?

A-Frames are best utilised for street signage and exhibition use, a fast and efficient set-up and pack away solution for signage so you can grab that attention and start generating more leads and sales for your business. When you’re ready to run new sales and promotions, simply order new corflute inserts and replace the visuals in your a-frame with the quick swap interchangeable tracks. In and out in a matter of 30 seconds so you can hit the ground running fast with your new signage.

How the quick swap interchangeable sign system works on our a-frames:

Quick Swap Interchangeable Corflute A-Frame signs online Australia wide

1 review for A-Frame w/ Quick Swap Corflute Inserts

  1. Benjamin C.

    Great A-frames. Quality build and fast to change signage for different in-store promos we run. Will recommend.

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