Made In Australia ‘Country of Origin’ Labels

Made In Australia ‘Country of Origin’ Labels

From: $95.00

  • Australian Labels / Stickers created to Australian Standards
  • Designed using official fonts, colours and styling as required
  • Printed full colour on 2 year vinyl (5 year vinyl available)
  • Order online and labels arrive to your doorstep Australia wide
  • Simply provide us the correct details for your required labels

Your Label Information to be printed

MUST BE PROVIDED PRIOR TO ORDER – please advise the correct percentage to be displayed on your label, other alternative is to have a “Grown in Australia” label which has no percentage displayed. Are your labels needed to be a little different? email or call us today for custom labels.

Upload Your File/s via Email (up to 20MB)


What are country of origin (made in australia) labels?

Country of origin labels or ‘made in australia’ labels are labels that represent the percentage of Australian made ingredients within product/s. The country of origin labels available for order on our website are vinyl adhesive stickers that are ‘peel and stick’ sticky labels able to be stuck on your product/s with the correct and accurate information you provide to us with your order. We have obtained the following information from that states: Country of origin labelling is a notice or label on products to let your customers know what country a product came from.
In Australia:
misleading country of origin labelling is prohibited
certain products must have country of origin labelling, such as food.

How can my country of origin labels look?

According to the country of origin labels ready for order on our website are a ‘standard mark’ which is by their definition…
A standard mark is the new label that has:
the kangaroo, bar chart and explanatory text, or
bar chart and explanatory text only.

Examples of standard marks:

Image Source: Source: Source: Source:

How do I add the country of origin label to my product/s?

In accordance to the Australian website, once your label is created as per specs to accurately represent your product/s, it can then be made into a label or you can embed the label design into your product label design – often people just order the labels / stickers online from our website separately and stick them on their products.

Please check with prior to ordering labels from our website to ensure your labels are correct and accurately represent your products, we do not take responsibility for misrepresentation or misuse of these labels for your products as it is your duty to ensure you have gotten the correct information for us to create your labels prior to use. Once you have full understanding of what you require for your country of origin labels you are able to order online using the selections above and start labelling your products.


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